11 Acoustic Songs in Drop C Tuning You Can Play

Most songs are played in standard tuning (EADGBE). However, you may be bored, so you decide to check out acoustic songs that are played in other tunings.

Perhaps, Drop C tuning? Here are few examples. Some songs are harder to play than others, but there they are. There are not many acoustic songs that are played in this tuning.

I took my best to find out some examples and here they are. Enjoy!

1. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

2. System Of A Down – Roulette

3. A Day To Remember – Another Song About The Weekend

4. Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire (Acoustic Version)

5. Breaking Benjamin – Rain

6. 12 Stones – The Way I Feel (Acoustic Version)

7. 36 Crazyfists – The City Ignites

8. John Mayer – Neon (Acoustic)

9. Sick Puppies – Riptide (Unplugged)

10. Ewan Dobson – Time

11. Andy McKee – All Laid Back and Stuff

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